DR. Sofian makki

 Happy to contact yo For requests: Please send a copy of the prescription (Al-Rasheta) or the required products To shop from the website, please visit Same-day delivery service in Jeddah, and free of charge for orders more than 100 riyals Fast and safe shipping to all cities of the Kingdom via DHL The ability to pay via the site / or transfer directly to one of the accounts of Al-Jawaher Pharmacies Al-Tamayoz Medical To follow up on requests Please send the order number / or the bill of lading number For health consultations and inquiries: The jewelery team is honored to serve you and answer your inquiries on 0560626070 And to visit one of our branches: Palestine Street Branch 0560626070 Al-Haramain Branch: 0544050391 Al Zahraa Branch: 0560910109

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